Cult UK progressive / alternative music makers.


Take post rock soundscapes, add twisted folk tunes and elements of modern classical music played by a mix of traditional and electronic instruments and you may be some of the way towards describing Imagination School’s unique sound. Informed listeners may detect traces of Cardiacs, Radiohead, North Sea Radio Orchestra, Shirley / Dolly Collins and Vaughan-Williams alongside trance, film and classical music influences.

Imagination School’s first album was ‘To The Level Of Light’, which received glowing reviews from the underground and progressive press. The next Imagination School album was ‘Treasure’, which was a collection of re-mastered and otherwise polished tracks from the old tape albums and self-released E.P.s of the nineties and early noughties, which had established Imagination School as a cult progressive music makers.

In 2011, Imagination School released ‘The Savage Coast’, an album inspired by the coastline and countryside of Kent and East Sussex,  as a follow-up to 2009’s critically acclaimed ‘To The Level Of Light’.

Much of Imagination School’s music is instrumental, with an emphasis on melody and atmosphere. Melancholy, folk-like tunes permeate dark electronic soundscapes, and unusual sound sources and instruments are often employed – a sample of Dungeness nuclear power station was used in ‘Winter Constellations’, a track on the ‘To The Level Of Light’ album.

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